Intelligent workforce solutions for businesses of the future.

Intelligent workforce solutions for businesses of the future.

eQ8 integrates leading Strategic Workforce Planning methodology, extensive global research with cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into a powerful SWP solution. eQ8 brings a new edge to organisations looking for competitive advantage through alignment of workforce to their key business imperatives.

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Business. Workforce. Future.

We believe in giving businesses the power to make smarter workforce decisions, both now and into the future. 

Developed by proven experts at QHR, eQ8 is the realisation of over 15 years of applied Strategic Workforce Planning. eQ8 brings an ease and accessibility to the market for SWP that is unparalleled.


The art & science of Strategic Workforce Planning.

Going beyond complex analytics, detailed algorithms and predictive insights, eQ8 provides compelling visualisation and the narrative that that enables you to accelerate alignment, drive commercial outcomes and compel action for business leaders.





eQ8 starts with your business first by quantifying workforce demand. This sets the context to optimally integrate and compare thousands of external data points against your internal workforce dynamics.



Raise the benchmark of insights that can be generated from workforce analysis by distilling down to factors that matter most to your organisation’s success.



Whatever your organisation is facing – BAU, digitisation, transformation, consolidation – the predictive and dynamic scenario modelling of eQ8 is key in aligning your leaders and accelerating outcomes.



Plan for future critical capability gaps and make informed decisions around build, buy or borrow scenarios. Drive clarity on changing capability needs so that you can optimise your workforce size, shape and mix.



Prepare for the 'future of work' and the '4th industrial revolution' by anticipating external trends and macro forces. Understand the context for proactive and agile adjustment that reflects the unique dynamics of your organisation.



Identify and prioritise initiatives that will have the greatest commercial impact, enabling successful business execution. Make the smarter workforce decisions that will drive your competitive advantage.


Why eQ8?

It’s Strategic Workforce Planning on Rails.

Easily identify your companies risk exposure through critical workforce segments.

Our risk algorithms incorporate your unique business context, where you need to go, emerging capability gaps, external industry risk and internal workforce dynamics to show where you are most exposed.

Quickly prioritise your actions across the employee lifecycle and beyond.

Create pragmatic roadmaps based on objective and commercial priorities. From go-to-market EVP, to addressing turnover and everything in between, plus business initiatives including technology investment, productivity improvements and efficiency gains; our action plan repository puts solutions in your hands.

More than just a platform.

The eQ8 software as a service is backed by our experienced QHR advisory team who are available to provide ongoing support.  Whether that is supporting your integration of SWP as a core process or providing additional business solutions, you are not left to find your own way. Our comprehensive research database, knowledge centre and help desk are all at your fingertips.


Workforce planning and investment decisions taken today will play a crucial role in shaping the new workforce equilibrium between humans, robots and algorithms.



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